The FAT Thief

by Shaun J Melarvie, MD

Obesity is a State of Mind.

Is it time you change yours?

This site is dedicated to the overweight and obese who do not want to be that way anymore.

“Change your thoughts, change your world.” Norman Vincent Peal.

Obesity is a thief and it steals life.

** The ebook is best viewed on a larger eReader. It has been my experience that for learning purposes, a physical book is preferable.**


This is for you.

These three short videos of less than five minutes represent my argument for YOU to take control of your life. Watch the 1st one, if it makes sense, watch the 2nd, if that makes sense, watch the last one. You will know what to do.

Get busy living.

The 1st Video: Truth

You must know the truth.

The 2nd Video: Reality

You must make it real.

The 3rd Video: Belief

Then you have to believe.

These three videos were the first I made. Each one emphasises the primary point(s) of each section of the book. My intent was that you watch each one after finishing the corresponding section of the book. I thought that if you knew the voice behind the words, then perhaps the message would have more impact.

Available Online

A diet manual that tells you what to do, how to do it, and why, in less than 200 pages.

CLICK to read back cover.

A Program

The book is primary; but there are short videos that will be supplemental and original to the base content.

A Blog

A daily blog of current events related to the subject matter of the Program, common questions from readers, and motivational messaging.


A page for helpful links to calorie estimators, BMI calculators, and other technical weapons with which to battle your dragon.

My Ultimate Goal

Is to present a program of information delivered across multiple formats, accessible in different ways for different people with different preferences. The infomation will be self-reinforcing. For maximal yield I would suggest:

  1. Read the book.
  2. Watch the videos.
  3. Complete the checklists/review the guidelines.
  4. Use the recommended tools for baseline calculations.
  5. Join or enroll in preferred online community support groups, including this site.
  6. START!

This entire effort arose from an idea I had a year ago, last October. I thought it a beautiful idea and although the odds are not in my favor, relative to my objective of changing minds that don’t necessarily want to be changed, I started. There is always that. There always needs to be a beginning. Where it ultimately ends remains an unknown, a great expectation.

It is as it always will be, as God wills it.

Shaun J. Melarvie, MD, FACS

Shaun J. Melarvie, MD, FACS

Author of The FAT Thief

Shaun Melarvie, MD, is a general surgeon in Northeastern Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of North Dakota, summa cum laude, with a B.A. in English Literature and minors in biology and chemistry, and four years later from the UND School of Medicine. He completed a general surgery residency at the University of Nebraska before moving to his rural practice in Wisconsin.