The FAT Thief: Take Back Your Life

Fat is a thief, and it steals life.

The base program, as I envisioned it, is complete. It consists of the 180 pages of text and graphics, the to do  lists and instructions in the appendix, and the three short videos that emphasize the main point(s) of each arrow.




The remaining piece is the ongoing support. This is what makes this even more uncommon than most other “diet books.” You will have access, subject to my time constraints, to I, the author; however, there are some rules.

Rule #1:  Please understand. I am no one reader’s physician. That is impossible. I will not give individual advice, but I will address concerns and give general advice in a general format. I will not respond privately to any question/concern. The responses to all questions that I choose to address will be published to a general audience in a general form; either as a blog post on this site, or via the FB page or group.

Rule #2:  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the role of your primary care provider in this journey to a better life that you are on. This is especially vital if you are taking prescription medications, specifically, for the treatment of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Please keep your provider in the loop.