The FAT Thief: Take Back Your Life

Fat is a thief, and it steals life.

Meet the Author

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A diet manual that tells you what to do, how to do it, and why, in less than 200 pages.

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A Program

The book is primary; but there are short videos that will be supplemental and original to the base content.

A Blog

A daily blog of current events related to the subject matter of the Program, common questions from readers, and motivational messaging.


A page for helpful links to calorie estimators, BMI calculators, and other technical weapons with which to battle your dragon.

The Mission

I believe that the root cause of obesity is not so much about the food you eat as it is about how you think about the food you eat. I am convinced that I can change your mind about how you think about the food you eat, and if you can change that, everything else changes. My book reads quick, and easy, and fun, and maybe a little sad towards the end. I think you’ll like it.

The only thing you must do is want it. If you do not want it, it will not happen. The next thing you must do is begin. There can be no happy ending without a beginning. I will tell you specifically how to start. This should be a significant event for you. Momentous. Starting, I mean to say. It should be a day that sharply divides your life from that what was before to that which came after. 

Why so serious? You ask.

Because that is what is required. If you are obese, your mind is broken, and I think I can fix it; not with scalpel; rather, with the blades of logic, reason and truth. I am serious, serious as a heart attack because if you don’t fix things, that’s what’s likely to happen.

Are you ready for your operation?

Start with the book. It will tell you everything; then, check back here.

Shaun Melarvie

Shaun Melarvie


My real job is as a rural general surgeon in Northeastern Wisconsin, in a beautiful place known as Door County.