FatThief.com is a portal, a gateway; it is designed to take you to a better place relative to your health and diet and life in general. It was built specifically for the overweight and obese. The entire focus is an effort to get you to change your thoughts because if you can change those, everything else changes. Permanently.

In order to affect that change, I believe a deeply personal connection is required, and that can only come from a direct personal interaction or via the written or spoken word, and in that spirit I am covering all the bases. I am giving to you a complete program. It starts with the book, or manual as I oft refer to it. That is the start, for some, it may be the end. It may be that that is all it takes. In fact, it may be that the first 100 pages is sufficient; however, I do not count on that. I am delivering the information in multiple formats and each deliverance is supplemental to the others so the greatest benefit is derived from a total immersion, so to speak.

It has taken me a lifetime to get to this point, and the last year of that lifetime compiling all this information and data for display. It will take you three, maybe four hours to get through it; the book, three videos, the tools and additional materials on the website. A lifetime plus one year for four hours of your time. Seems like a good deal, and a cheap one. the only cost is the minimal cost of the book. There is no additional charge. I do not intend to sell you any supplements or pills, or anything. All I ask is your focus and your time because I sincerely believe that what I will share with you will make a difference in your life.

These are the steps:

  1. Read the book when it is published; anticipated date early January.
  2. Watch the three videos at the appropriate times (I’ll tell you) .
  3. Use the tools page to get started.
  4. Access social support structures; this site will be an portal for ongoing support and questions.
  5. Take back your life. You deserve it.