The book has been available for pre-order since the end of January; however, being a novice publisher, I had inadvertently enabled the book for distribution before I had a chance to review a hard copy. I received my review copy on Jan. 29th, two days before the availability date. I did make some minor changes and uploaded the revised file on the 31st. Those that may have pre-ordered books should receive them by the middle of February.

In truth, the timing works better because by then all of the accompanying videos will be finished and available for review, when the reader is asked to do so. The videos are not long, each is about 10 minutes, the third a bit longer. My thought with the videos is that it emphasizes the key point of each section in a different, perhaps unusual format. I wanted to expose you to the information in different ways, impacting as many senses as possible. The videos are completely produced by myself and I am learning as I go, so I will be revising them and improving upon them as time passes; therefore, the links will be changing as I upload the revised videos, so if you have bookmarked a link, it may not be valid in the future and you will need to re-visit the site for the new link.

I have also set up a Facebook page and group. The social media platform will be available to all readers to pose questions, concerns, observations. It will be our community. I will be the moderator of the group I have posted the rules. All of my responses should not be taken as medical advice, which can only be provided by your personal primary care provider; however, I will render an opinion. All responses will be to the group. I will not be responding to individual or private messages or queries, so please frame all questions, etc. for general consumption.

What I am proposing with this effort is uncommon. I am proposing a concept of a comprehensive program, including my availability. This requires nothing of you other than your time and commitment. There is no subscription, no cost. I am not selling anything other than a book, which is the entry point. You do need that because that is our connection. You need to believe in what I am sharing with you, the truth.

It is almost ready. When it is, I will begin to publicize my idea more widely, until then, few will be reading this because I have told no one other than those close to me.