After an excessive amount of mental perseveration, solicitation of opinion and general gnashing of teeth and frustration, I finally arrived at a title and graphic for the cover. As luck would have it, even the domain was available,, so was, so I bought both and made the correct spelling the primary one of course.

My first video is written, two more to go, then produce. The manuscript is in the final edits. I am converting all of the text boxes to gray-scale with high contrast so that they will display better in e-readers, so the manuscript will be B/W with many color illustrations, haven’t counted them yet. I still plan on a B/W workbook to complement the e-book version because for an effort such as this, I think a hard copy is helpful.

I plan on publishing to both Ingram Spark and Amazon KDP; color text to Ingram only, and e-book and B/W workbook to both platforms. The book is only the first part however, I envision a program that begins with the book. Three videos will supplement the three main sections of the book, each video 20 minutes or less. This website will have access to the tools and other supplemental information as well as access to myself in a forum. I will set up a FB group for an ongoing support community. That is my program, what I think of as my Field of Dreams. I will have built it. Whether or not the people come will remain to be seen.

The reader needs to be committed and engaged throughout the process until health is achieved. As this is not a diet, there is little risk of relapse because once you fix your mind, it stays fixed for the most part.