If one were to ask me why I’m doing this, I’d be hard pressed to answer. I couldn’t say, exactly. If I had known how consuming it was going to be at the beginning, I don’t know…It’s like I have this idea that only I am interested in and I think it’s a good idea and that it will work, and I’ve come this far, pretty much on the 5-yard line. I just finished watching the Packers defeat Seattle so the football analogy fits tonight. I’m afraid I’ve re-invented several wheels and I am thankful for you-tube and all the videos others produce from which I’ve learned much because much of what I’m doing, I’m doing for the first time and the first time’s the hardest.

For instance, shooting video against a green screen in your basement is not easy. It takes a lot of lights, at least $500 worth, and it takes an app on your phone (Green screener), and you need a respectable camera with an audio input jack for a wireless mic that has a 3.5mm right angle cord thingy that connects everything; not the XLR jack that came with the first mic I ordered from Amazon and subsequently returned. You need a tripod with a ball joint so you can rotate you DSLR camera for vertical shooting, and lights, did I say lights. Well, you need more, and not lights from the hardware store that you think will work.

My book is long done. The website is obviously up. I forgot to fill in the email address on the contact form, so if anyone tried to contact me and didn’t get a reply, that’s why. Two of the three videos are written, the third started. I finally have my “studio” if you can call it that pretty much dialed in, and 80 images remaining in my Adobe stock photo account until the end of the month, so I’m ready to go. The videos are short, ten minutes per, so I can knock those out in a jiffy. Definitely by the end of the month, if God wills it.